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What Pastors Have Said About “The Masked Saint”

Paige Patterson – President Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

The Saint confronts the reality that there are no easy calls in life. But this does not mean that there are not right and responsible calls. From the theatrical world of wrestling to the real world of human hurt and sorrow, this film demonstrates the adequacy of a life lived for Christ to transform everyone associated with that lifestyle into peace and joy. If this film had been available when my son was growing up, he would have been by my side in the middle seat to see it and talk about it later.

Dr. Frank Page – Former President of the Southern Baptist Convention and current President and CEO of the Southern Baptist Executive Committee

The Masked Saint is a classic good vs. evil tale about the new pastor of a struggling church who hides his Identity to help the church as a masked wrestler named The Saint. The story takes some unexpected twists and turns, building to a full­-blown, pyrotechnics-­enhanced, no­holds-barred wrestling match as The Saint removes his mask and wages battle against The Reaper in a locked cage match. I recommend this highly entertaining and thought-provoking film that shows us that with God, all things are possible!

Pastor David Uth – First Baptist Church Orlando, Florida

This riveting, action-packed movie tells the story of a pastor and his love for Jesus who takes one of his God-given skills throughthe uncharted path of professional wrestling and fights for Jesus!The Masked Saint shows us that God can use us in all situations ­- anywhere, anytime, anyplace! You should NOT miss this movie!

Willy Rice – Calvary Church, Clearwater, Florida 2015 President, Southern Baptist Convention Pastor’s Conference

Most heroes don’t wear masks. They go about their everyday lives adding value to others and caring in ways that the crowds never see and few applaud. But what happens when one such hero does put on a mask and becomes a hero in two worlds? The story of my friend Chris Whaley is a true story about one of those heroes. Behind a mask and in front of a congregation, Chris lived heroically and stood for what is right and when necessary he fought for it as well. This entertaining story of a true hero will amaze and encourage you to take your stand and know that some things are worth fighting for.

Dr. Jeff Backer – Senior Pastor, Great Faith Church, Rockwall, TX

This is a modern day David and Goliath story about good overcoming evil. The masked hero ultimately takes his mask off and reveals the truth that with God all things are possible. Don’t miss this movie!

Charlie Higgins – Senior Pastor, Westview Baptist Church, Sanford, FL

An excellent, family-friendly, inspiring film. I highly recommend it!

Jeff Dixon – Teaching Pastor, First Baptist Church, Winter Springs, FL

Faith, family, and the need to fight for both. Leap over the ropes and don’t miss The Masked Saint!