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Autographed “Harold’s Heavenly Christmas” Book

“HAROLD’S HEAVENLY CHRISTMAS” Book – Harold’s Heavenly Christmas is a Christmas story that is relatable and heart-warming while presenting the hopefulness of miracles. Harold was a firefighter who passed away in an emergency room. Now, he is a heavenly ambassador helping a couple of people on earth. Some of those who Harold is helping include Arnold Glassman, an executive who is diagnosed with terminal cancer, and Bret Davidson is a man who continually has one bad experience after another.

Harold’s journey with Arnold and Bret has surprising twists and turns throughout Harold’s Heavenly Christmas. Once readers think they have figured out what Harold is going to do to help Arnold and Bret, he gives everyone a surprise ending. Harold’s Heavenly Christmas puts readers in the Christmas spirit no matter what month it is read in!

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